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Tabungan Batara
Tabungan Batara Prima
Tabungan Batara Junior
Tabungan e’Batarapos
Tabungan Haji Nawaitu
TabunganKu means an individual savings account with marginal requisites, aimed at instilling the habit of saving and promoting the people’s welfare.


1. Exempt from administration fees.
2. Soft initial Deposit.
3. Daily Interest.
4. Entitled to an ATM Card (at customers’ option).
5. Deposits can be made at all bank BTN Branch Offices.

1. Individual Savers.
2. Indonesian Citizens
3. Submitting a photocopy of identity papers, such as KTP/Driving License/Passport (for passport holders aged 17 and up) after showing originals.
4. Filling out and signing a form for opening a savings account.

TabunganKu Interest Rates
0 s/d 500.0000%
500.000 s/d 1.000.0000,25%
> 1.000.000 1%
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