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Subsidized KPR

Target Group and Choice of Subsidized Credit

Subsidized KPR is extended to families/households as first-time house owners and part of the low-income target group, as follows::

Target Group Income Limits (Rp. / Month)  
I 1.700.000     ≤       Income     < 2.500.000
II 1.000.000      <    Income     < 1.700.000
III Income   <  1.000.000    
  • Income referred to be the applicant’s income based on her/his basic salary or basic income per month.
  • Subsidy is extended to target groups, either earning a fixed or a non-fixed income, meeting the requisites for obtaining credit from the Bank at the Bank’s discretion.
  • Subsidy skim extended via Subsidized KPR is only either (i) Interest Discrepancy Subsidy (Subsidi Selisih Bunga) ; or (ii) Down Payment Subsidy (Subsidi Uang Muka), with a Subsidy amount for the respective target groups as follows:
Target Group Maximum Subsidy / Household (Rp.)
Interest Discrepancy Subsidy Down Payment Subsidy
I 8.500.000 8.500.000
II 11.500.000 -
III 14.500.000 -

Subsidized KPR General Provisions

  • The Bank furnishes Subsidized KPR as part of facilitating ownership or purchase of low-cost healthful houses (Rest Seat/RSH) by the low-income group according to target group.
  • Houses that the respective target groups are allowed to purchase or build / renovate comprise all options for type Rest Seat / RSH houses purchasable by means of Subsidized KPR.
Target Group House Price Limit (Rp)
Minimum Maximum
I 41.500.000 55.000.000
II 28.000.000 41.500.000
III - 28.000.000

The Bank furnishes Subsidized KPR to target groups to own a house meeting the house price limits and requisites that apply to: (i) Minimum Down Payment; (ii) Maximum KPR; and (iii) Maximum credit Term (Tenor), and (iv) Subsidy Skim.

Target Group Interest Discrepancy Subsidy Down Payment Subsidy
Min. Down Payment (%) Max KPR (Rp.) Max. Tenor  (Year) Min. Down Payment
Max KPR (Rp.) Max Tenor
I 7,5 50.875.000 20 0 46.500.000 20
II 7,5 38.387.500 20 - - -
III 5,0 26.600.000 20 - - -

Requisites for minimum down payment, maximum KPR and maximum credit term are as follows: 

  • Requisites for skim interest discrepancy subsidy (subsidi selisih bunga *)
Target Group Subsidized Interest rate (% / Year)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
I 7* 7* 7 10,5 11,75 11,75 @ @ @ @ @
II 4,5* 4,5* 4,5 5 7,5 10 11 11 @ @ @
III 1* 1* 1 2 2,5 3 3 3,75 4,5 5,5 @
@ : As per the prevailing market interest rate.

Specific Provisions

  • Target groups with a higher income are allowed to own / purchase houses with a higher price limit or to build / renovate houses with less total funds than required provided they avail themselves of skim and the maximum subsidy allocated to the respective target groups
  • Target groups with a lower income are allowed to own / purchase houses with a higher price limit provided the received subsidy conforms to the amount of subsidy of that of a target group one level higher.
  • The KPR Subsidy term for each target group commences at the time KPR is realized and remains valid up until expiry of the subsidy term applicable to the respective target groups.
  • Bearing in mind that meeting the demand for land as part of constructing RS Sehat / RSH, in particular in large cities in Jabotabek, Java and Bali is hampered by the scarcity of available land, in such locations the constructing of RS Sehat / RSH may proceed by means of plots of land of 60 m2 and with a width of minimal 5 M. 

Rs Sehat Construction Provisions  

Rs. Sehat housing constructed by means of the subsidized housing loan facility are structures as governed in the Decision of the Minister for Regional Settlements and Infrastructures No. 403/KPTS/M/202 of December 2, 2002 relating to Technical Guidelines on the Construction of Minimal Healthful Houses ((Rumah Sederhana Sehat) (Rs. Sehat)), and its amendments.