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Awareness Personal Data Security

Changes in patterns and lifestyles encourage the banking sector to adapt by presenting mobile banking. Through this facility, people do not need to bother when they have to transact. This is because banking activities, such as checking balances & account mutations, transfers as well as purchases and payments, can be done anytime and from anywhere via a smart phone.

This change also has an impact on the greater the potential for hacking of the Customer's Mobile Banking account, to help secure it you can follow these tips:

  • Avoid Access and Transactions Through Unknown Websites / Apps / Emails and Excessive Access Requests from Apps
    Currently, there are many unknown incoming emails / advertising banners on social media / online media that contain promotions, or certain lures, to direct you to access certain websites or applications. You also have to be careful with applications that ask for excessive access (access to personal data, contacts, location) and are not relevant to the application you are using. So make sure you always access trusted websites / applications.
  • Change PIN and Access Codes Periodically
    The MPIN and Password that you have are the initial security that you can take care of when accessing your website / application / account. Use a combination of numbers/letters that are unique and not easy to guess. To avoid data theft, change your PIN and Password regularly.
  • Secure Mobile Device
    We recommend that you take advantage of all the security measures of your smartphone, especially for mobile banking fans. Make sure you lock your phone with a PIN, facial recognition, or fingerprint. With this, it will be difficult for others to access your phone, and be a precautionary measure when your phone changes hands.
  • Regular Review of all Mutations and Transactions
    Review regularly, all transactions that you have done on the website / application that you usually use, immediately report any suspicious transactions that you do not do so that they can be handled immediately and do not cause big losses.
    Finally, you must take a closer look at all monthly account transaction reports. You can use BTN Mobile Banking to view account statement reports

Daily, fraudulent modes against banking customers are increasingly diverse. These various modes of fraud can be done without the need to meet in person or without the need to take the card you have or something else. Therefore, it is important not to give the following data to anyone, not even bank officers!  :

  • PIN (Personal Identification Number) for ATM, mobile or others
  • CVV (Card Verification Code) or CVC (card Verification Code) Debit Card(ATM) or Credit Card
  • OTP (One Time Password)

The bank never asks you to send the data referred to above, via online or offline filling forms and social media (whatsapp, Istagram, Twitter, facebook etc.) and e-mail.

Let's keep your personal data safe!

Thank you