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JAKARTA, 9 July 2021.   In order to support the Government in suppressing the rate of transmission of Covid-with the Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities or PPKM  starting last July 3, PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk (BTN) has optimized digital banking services, such as mobile banking, internet banking and ATMs. It is hoped that with these three channels, people can still move comfortably and safely without the need to leave their homes or go to a bank service office.

"We continue to increase the capacity and features of Bank BTN's mobile banking so that it can be utilized optimally by customers, especially during the implementation of this emergency PPKM, for example for transfers, BPJS payments
Health, paying PBB, electricity, PDAM and top up digital wallets as well as virtual accounts for transactions in e-commerce, “ said Director of IT, Operations and Digital Banking BTN Andi Nirwoto in a written statement, Monday (9/7/2021).

Bank BTN also added  the Cardless Withdrawal feature, where customers can make cash withdrawal transactions without a card at ATMs, as well as QRIS, a feature that makes it easy for customers to transact with  scan the QR Code through the BTN mobile banking application.

According to Bank BTN's records, transactions via e-channels such as mobile banking are increasingly in demand by customers. It is
evidenced by the total banking transactions last year which reached more than 200 million transactions, 96% of which were done through e-channels, one of which was mobile banking. Especially for BTN mobile banking which last year was re-polished,  Bank BTN noted the addition of new users, as of May 2021 it was recorded to reach 1.63 million users, an increase of 26 percent compared to the same period last year which reached 1.29 million users.  

Along with the increase in mobile banking users, the number of transactions also jumped by 53 percent to 54 million transactions in May 2021, whereas in May 2020 it only reached 35.8 million transactions. "As for the number of transactions, in mobile banking the majority are for digital wallet top up transactions such as LINKAja, OVO and Gopay, in addition to payment transactions for telecommunication services" Andi said.

With this achievement, Bank BTN is on track to achieve the target for the number of transactions this year which is set to increase by around 20 percent compared to the number of transactions in 2020. To achieve this target, Bank BTN plans to develop features and displays of BTN Mobile Banking. “In the future,  We are currently starting to actively develop BTN internet banking to achieve the target number of transactions of at least 2 million transactions this year,” Andi said.

As of May 2021, the position of Bank BTN internet banking users reached 826,534 users, an increase of more than 97 percent compared to May 2020 which reached 419,688 users. "We plan to enrich this internet banking feature because customer demands tend to be more complex, such developments as e-deposits and internet banking for business," Andi said.

With the addition of these features, both internet banking and mobile banking, Andi hopes that
Customers can enjoy Bank BTN services comfortably and safely.

In addition to internet banking and mobile banking, Bank BTN is also intensively cooperating. EDC payment placement  with national merchants such as Indomaret and Alfamart as well as  merchants related to Bank BTN's core business in the property ecosystem such as Mitra 10, Ace Hardware and Informa.