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JAKARTA-Although still under pandemic pressure, PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk (BTN) continues to record positive growth in lending and financing at the level of 5.59% yoy supported by the growth rate of subsidized mortgages. The growth in lending is also accompanied by quality improvements and an increase in reserves to keep the business growing sustainably.

President Director of Bank BTN Haru Koesmahargyo said the company continues to transform and innovate so that the business can continue to move positively despite being in the midst of a pandemic. The positive role of the government through the National Economic Recovery program, Haru continued, also contributed to the positive performance of Bank BTN.

"Our efforts to increase business are also aimed at meeting the needs of the Indonesian people's homes, which are increasingly pressing during this pandemic. We strive to continue to record sustainable positive growth so that Bank BTN can continue to provide houses for the people," Haru said at the Press Conference on the Performance Exposure of Bank BTN for Semester I/2021 in Jakarta, yesterday.

In the financial report of the issuer codenamed BBTN, it shows that per semester I/2021, Bank BTN recorded a growth in lending and financing of 5.59% year-on-year (yoy) from IDR 251.83 trillion to IDR 265.9 trillion. This growth was recorded to be far above the average of the national banking industry. Bank Indonesia data shows that the credit growth of the national banking industry only grew by 0.45% yoy as of June 2021.

Subsidized Home Ownership Loans (KPR) are still the main driving force for Bank BTN's lending with an increase of 11.17% yoy to Rp126.29 trillion per semester I/2021. Non-subsidized mortgages also grew slowly at the level of 0.90% yoy to Rp80.59 trillion. Non-residential consumer loans also recorded an increase at the level of 17.47% yoy to Rp5.43 trillion in semester I/2021.

The performance of Bank BTN's credit distribution, which remained solidly growing amidst the pressures of the pandemic, was also accompanied by improvements in its quality. Bank BTN's net non-performing loan (NPL) ratio recorded continued improvement by 54 bps to 1.87% in semester I/2021 from 2.40%. The decrease in NPL was also accompanied by an increase in reserves of 1,282 bps from 107.90% in semester I/2020 to 120.72% in semester I/2021.

In addition, Bank BTN has also succeeded in raising Third Party Funds (DPK) by 31.84% yoy to Rp298.38 trillion in semester I/2021 from Rp226.32 trillion in the same period last year. The increase in deposits was contributed by increases in all segments, namely savings, current accounts, and time deposits by 17.70% yoy, 15.06% yoy, and 43.53% yoy per semester I/2021.

Although DPK grew significantly, Bank BTN managed to record a decrease in interest expense by reducing the cost of funds (CoF) to 171 basis points (bps). The increase in TPF also caused the Loan to Deposit Ratio (LDR) to decrease by 2,216 bps to the level of 89.12% in semester I/2021.

Bank BTN's financial report notes that the growth of credit expansion is the driver of Bank BTN's interest income. As of semester I/2021, BBTN recorded an increase in interest income of 1.39% yoy. Interest expense was also successfully suppressed by 13.63% yoy so that Bank BTN's net interest income jumped to the level of 28.18% yoy.

Improvements in business processes carried out by Bank BTN also contributed to the company's net profit. Bank BTN has implemented various strategies ranging from efficiency, digitization, downsizing outlets, to increasing fee-based income through non-credit transactions. With these various measures, Bank BTN's net profit grew at the level of 19.87% yoy to Rp920 billion in the first semester of 2021 from Rp768 billion in the same period last year.

Meanwhile, with positive performance in loans and deposits, until the first half of this year, BBTN recorded an asset position of IDR380.51 trillion, an increase of 20.95% yoy from IDR314.60 trillion in the same period last year. "For us, positive and sustainable growth is our priority, especially in facing various challenges in the future," said Haru.

On the other hand, in line with the growth of assets in the conventional business, the Sharia Business Unit (UUS) of Bank BTN also recorded increased asset performance. BTN Syariah assets grew by 14.06% yoy from Rp31.09 trillion to Rp35.46 trillion in semester I/2021.

The increase in assets was supported by sharia financing at the level of 12.50% to Rp26.86 trillion per semester I/2021. Then, BTN Syariah also successfully recorded a 29.27% yoy increase in deposits to Rp26.89 trillion per semester I/2021. With all these achievements, UUS BTN achieved a net profit of Rp. 87.54 billion per semester I/2021.