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Jakarta, 18 December 2019. PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk. get ready to dominate the millennial market, especially for those who do not have shelter. One of the strategies carried out by the company is launching the Android version of BTN Properti Mobile application. Through this brand-new application, generation Y can apply for a Housing Loan (KPR) through their Android phones.


Bank BTN President Director Pahala N. Mansury said the company saw the great potential of the millennial generation who do not yet have a home in Indonesia. Data from the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) says there are 81 million people in the millennial generation segment who do not yet have a home. This figure is equivalent to 31% of the total population in Indonesia.


"As a leader in the KPR market in the country, we will continue to innovate to provide housing that is easily accessible and affordable for the people of Indonesia. This time we innovate by presenting the BTN Properti Mobile application that provides various technology-based facilities for the tech-savvy millennial generation, "Pahala said at the BTN Launching Mobile Property event in Jakarta, Wednesday (12/18).


Pahala explained that there are various BTN Mobile Property features that can be enjoyed by millennials in Indonesia. Among other things, the application has a 4D Tour Services feature that allows users to see housing units without having to go to the location. Another feature offered is tracking credit applications in real time so that you can find out the status of credit applications. Bank BTN also offers booking / fee payment facilities via e-channel through this application. Through this application, users can also see the condition of public facilities around housing units.


Prospective debtors can also apply for mortgages online through the BTN Properti Mobile Apps application and also through the site Meanwhile, on this site, prospective debtors can choose the occupancy of 507,445 units of property owned by ± 1800 developers.


On the same occasion, Bank BTN also launched the Gaeesss For Millenials KPR Relaunching Program with a new look that is more attractive and can be accessed through the BTN Properti Mobile application. The KPR program is formulated in accordance with the characteristics of millennials who want services that can be easily accessed and affordable installments. "Through this relaunching, we emphasize that the KPR Gaeesss is a millennial mortgage which is a program from Bank BTN that has long experience in the housing finance sector in Indonesia," said Pahala.


Pahala continued KPR Gaeesss For Millennials is a credit for housing ownership for millennials aged 21-35 years. For mortgages for these young people, Bank BTN provides a variety of attractive gimmicks including admin fees, single digit interest rates, 50% discounted fees, and credit terms of up to 30 years.


Bank BTN also does not bind debtors by freeing them from depositing funds. The company also offers facilities in the form of entering the cost of the KPR loan agreement to the credit ceiling. In addition, this program can be bundled with KPR Zero, which includes principal payments for 2 years. KPR Gaeesss For Millennials can also be enjoyed not only in the capital, but also throughout Indonesia.


Meanwhile, since it was officially offered in October 2018 until November 2019, Bank BTN successfully recorded the distribution of KPR Gaeesss valued at Rp9.3 trillion. This value is equivalent to distribution for 27,593 residential units for millennials. "We are aiming at relaunching KPR Gaeesss For Millennials and launching the BTN Properti Mobile application can increase the distribution of KPR to reach approximately Rp. 11 trillion," said Pahala.


To work on millennials, Bank BTN also has various technology-based banking products and services such as mobile banking and internet banking. The Company is also a part of LinkAja to facilitate transactions using electronic money on mobile phones. Meanwhile, until the end of November 2019, in total Bank BTN recorded a total mortgage distribution of Rp190.15 trillion. The position was recorded an increase of 11.2% on an annual basis from Rp171 trillion as of November 2018.