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Currency Purchasing Price Selling Price
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  • JPY 105.00 117.00
  • GBP 17,567.00 18,074.00
  • AUD 10,321.00 10,607.00
  • HKD 1,709.00 2,041.00
  • SGD 10,518.00 10,902.00
  • EUR 14,896.00 15,247.00
  • MYR 3,123.00 3,482.00
  • SAR 3,678.00 4,147.00
  • CNY 2,058.00 2,295.00
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BTN Cash Management for Convenience Transactions at Anytime

BTN Cash Management System comes to making easy all transactions with fast, easy and secure process. There’s no need to the branch office Bank BTN, real time and accurate transactions, monitorized your account balance and mutation, also can print checking account

BTN Cash Management System

An internet base banking services which allowed institutional clients (non-individual) to obtain information about this account, to managed company cash flow, also online real time transactions without places and times limitation

kantor cabang

Web system with good security and Verisign certificate

Daily 24 hours online and realtime dan 7 days a week

Number of user can be made as needed

Access or authority over features and account may be determined by the clients

Transaction authorized is done by using token

Account activity report can be downloaded in many forms

Security System
  • Every clients has an unique company ID (Verisign Security Certification Socket Secure Line (SSL)
  • User ID, Password and authorized level in transaction can adjusted by Clients
  • Transactions using the latest encryption technology registered token, the account that will access and transactional have been registered, level of user consist of Operator, Supervisor and Approval
Terms and Conditions
  • Becoming BTN Bank Institutional Giro client
  • Fill in and completed terms in accordance of BTN Cash Management Application form
How to Register
  • For information about BTN Cash Management Service Application please contact the nearest Bank BTN branch office
  • Our branch officer will help to proceed the application and activated your company BTN Cash Management Application
Frequently Ask Question


  1. Q: Users cannot access the BTN Cash Management System web (CMS)

    A  :    1.  Make sure that the website address entered is :

    2. Make sure the internet connection on the Customer's device / PC is connected to an active internet network.


  2. Q: Users cannot log in to BTN CMS

    A  : Make sure the company id, user id and password entered are correct . If you forget the password: use the forgotten password feature pa da login page. A new password will be sent via the user's email.


  3. Q: Invalid User / Password when logging in to CMS

    A  : Make sure the company id, user id and password entered are correct . If you forget the password : use the Forgot Password / Forget Password feature on the login page as long as the user id is not locked . The new password will be sent via e-mail user is concerned.


  4. Q: User ID is locked

    A  : Verify the validation of the data entered at the time of internet banking registration with CIF data the same. If they are, please contact Customer Service (CS) at the outlet nearest BTN to update its data..


  5. Q : The desktop PC screen displays "User still login" when the user tries to log in

    A  : Wait for 15 minutes and log in again (did not try the login experiment while waiting 15 minutes) . If the login process still doesn't work, follow these steps:

     Enter via Admin1:

    1. English Settings : Utilities Menu - User Manager - click search - give √ ( checklist ) for users who are still logged in - click Update Checked
    2. Indonesia Language Settings: Menu Utility - User Settings - Click Search - give √ (checklist) for still logged in users - click change marked


  6. Q : The customer has registered as a BTN CMS user, but still has not received a password in the registered e-mail.

    A   : Follow the steps as follows:

    1. Make sure the email address that is registered is correct
    2. If admin , check the application form . And do the forgot password . If the email address is incorrect, use the data change form and send it back to the Head Office.
    3. If the user , check by the admin maker in the user maintenance menu - find the user and check the email address. If the email is incorrect, click edit and replace the correct email address later on - submit, k emudian be approved by admin approver


  7. Q : Customers have signed up as a user BTN CMS, but not yet accepted by the customer token

    A   : Follow the steps as follows:

    1. Check the application form, whether there is a token request or not
    2. The token is sent by the Head Office to the Branch Office where the BTN Cash Management System is registered .
    3. Check to the Branch Office where the BTN CMS registration is to find out the progress of the expedition token
    4. First Token PIN: 123456


  8. Q : Client forgot pin token or token locked (locked)

    A   : The customer token will automatically be locked if it incorrectly inputs the token pin more than 3 (three) times. If you forget or token is locked , then follow the steps as follows:

    1. Input the wrong pin token 3x until a locked code appears on the token (6 digits)
    2. The customer is asked to send the company id, user id, serial number token (behind the token), and locked code to the Head Office (
    3. Customers will get an unlock code from the Head Office that needs to be inputted to the token, then they will be asked to input the new token pin
    4. The token is ready to be used again


  9. Q : When the Customer makes a transaction, the token cannot be used

    A   : Follow the steps as follows:

    1. Make sure the challenge code inputted on the token is correct.
    2. Make sure the response code that is inputted in terms of safe transactions is also correct.
    3. Make sure the token used is not exchanged with other tokens with other BTN users.
    4. Make sure the error message appears on the customer during the transaction. Usually marked with an error message: MW - 8202 - threshold error.
    5. If point 4 has been ascertained and the transaction still cannot be done, the customer e-mails to include the company id, user id, serial no reset token to request the token.


  10. Q : When the Customer makes a transaction an error message appears "The LLD has not been configured"

    A   : Follow the steps as follows:

    1. Login from ADMIN1 into the LLD management menu and the LLD Information submenu, then change and submit.
    2. Enter ADMIN2 and do the approval.


  11. Q : When the Customer makes a transaction appears an error message "Approval Matrix has not been configured "

    A   : Do Login from admin1 go to User Management menu and submenu Approval Matrix, and then change according to the type of transactions that have not been configured and submit. Enter ADMIN2 and do approval


  12. Q : When the Customer makes a transaction a "Cut off time" error message appears

    A   : For RTGS and LLG / SKN transactions, the maximum transaction time for releaser is 14.30 WIB.


  13. Q : When the Customer makes a transaction an error message "Transaction Limit Out of Range" appears.

    A   : Follow the steps as follows:

    1. Limit Group: make sure that the customer does have the facility to conduct financial transactions via the BTN Cash Management System (Check on the application form).
    2. Then check the limit of the transaction on the form. If it is appropriate, make sure the limit on the form is the same as the limit in the group (Login ADMIN1 goes to the User Management menu and Group submenu, then searches for groups that have been formed and checks the transaction limit).If there is a difference with the form, contact your BTN Relationship Manager.


  14. Q : When the Customer makes a transaction an "Inquiry not found" message error appears

A   : Follow the steps as follows:

  1. Make sure the account number has been registered by BTN on the epayment parameter.
  2. Make sure there is a customer transaction in that period (communicate with CS at the nearest BTN outlet).
  3. Account mutations can be seen H + 1 after being registered by the Head Office in the ePayment parameter.