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Currency Purchasing Price Selling Price
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  • JPY 105.00 117.00
  • GBP 17,712.00 18,222.00
  • AUD 10,319.00 10,605.00
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Bank Garansi

Bank Guarantee Is a statement that issued by the Bank as Customer’s request to guarantee certain risks that arise if the Customer can not perform its obligations properly to the side who recieves the guarantee

kantor cabang

Fast and easy process

Payment Bond (buyer/contractor)

Guarantee issued by BUMN Bank

Guarantee the accomplishment of achievement in an agreement

Support the creditor trust

Mainstay to build a smooth business and your transactions

Type of Guarantee Bank
  • Bid Bond
  • Advance Paymet Bond
  • Performance Bond
  • Maintenance Bond
  • Payment Bond
  • Progress Payment Bond
  • Guarantee for another needs that has been agreed by Bank and guaranteed
Requirements of the Applicant
  • The applicant is business entity with an Indonesian entity/non indonesian legal entity domiciled in Indonesia or in the form of cooperative, while the individual only bank full cover warranty
  • Has a good performance
  • Not included in the blacklist
  • Not having credit issue
  • Is a client of BTN (giro, deposito, saving)
Applicant Legality
  • Business Entity and Non Legal Entity
    • Applied guarantee Bank from applicant/caretaker
    • Deeds of company until final changes deed and the authentication from Ministry of Law
    • Copy of Board of Director and Commisioner ID also the shareholders
    • The latest phote of Board of Director and Commisioner
    • The lastest period of financial statements
    • Business licensing covering
      •  TDP – Company Registration Certificate
      • SIUP –Trade Business License
      • Tanda Daftar Rekanan – Sign List of Partners
      • NPWP - Tax Payer Identification Number
      • Other business licenses
    • Company Profile
      *) has been signed by the authorized party and have the authority in accordance to AD/ART Company


  • Individual
    • Application letter guarantee Bank from the Applicant
    • Copy ID applicant and spouse
    • Copy of Family Card and certificate of Marriage
    • Recent photo applicant and spouse
    • Applicant CV that showing if the applicant has experience
    • Tax ID
    • Business licences
Financial Data
  • Proof of owning account at BTN (giro, saving, deposito)
  • For guarantee bank with insurance coverage
  • Credit >10M or facility credit total >15 M (cash loan or non cash loan mandatory to be audited by public accountant of bank partner, a member of IAI and listed on the Bapepam
Credit Terms
  • Max value of guarantee bank : amount to be paid reduced counter warranty (in the form of deposit/deposito)
  • The longest period of time are 12 months, starting from the date of the realization of the bank guarantee
  • Provision of 1% of warranty value (eenmalig)