USD 14,818.00 0.00
JPY 117.00 0.01
GBP 18,074.00 0.01
AUD 10,607.00 0.00
HKD 2,041.00 0.00
SGD 10,902.00 0.00
EUR 15,247.00 0.01
MYR 3,482.00 0.00
SAR 4,147.00 0.00
CNY 2,295.00 0.00
Currency Purchasing Price Selling Price
  • USD 14,568.00 14,818.00
  • JPY 105.00 117.00
  • GBP 17,567.00 18,074.00
  • AUD 10,321.00 10,607.00
  • HKD 1,709.00 2,041.00
  • SGD 10,518.00 10,902.00
  • EUR 14,896.00 15,247.00
  • MYR 3,123.00 3,482.00
  • SAR 3,678.00 4,147.00
  • CNY 2,058.00 2,295.00
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SPP Online to Convenience Acceptance Educational Payment

SPP Online is designed to make convenience educational institution in managing acceptance payment SPP and other educational fee. Through delivery online which Bank BTN owned, students can make online payment in a fast, easy, safe and comfort

SPP Online

Is a Services for Educational Institution in the form of acceptance of educational payment deposit and other educational fee in real time online

kantor cabang

Data on the payment of tuition fees can be easily integrated with the administrative system of educational institutions

Data can be known and are accessable by online

Reporting can be presented to each faculty or study program

The funds paid by tuition fees are managed by the bank BUMN that are trustworty and health

Through delivery channel which is owned by Bank BTN, tuition can make online payment in a fast, easy, safe and comfort

Customer will have user ID and password for accessing SPP Online website

Terms and Conditions
  • College or school institutions has an active giro at Bank BTN
  • Complete the required requirements documents
  • College or school institutions signed a cooperation agrrement with Bank BTN