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Secured Transactions at Ease and Fast

A service to clients both individual or institution to find the information about had ben done transactions so it monitored in real time online

Notifikasi Transaksi BTN

Facility for client (individual/institution) that given by bank BTN in the form of notification feature about the debit and/or credit transactions that occured and delivered via sms or email notification

kantor cabang

Be able to find out mutation credit and/or debit from client’s saving account and/or giro in real time online through sms and email notification in accordance of limit which is determined by the client

Saving the time, client don’t have to go to the ATM/Branch Office to check transaction mutation

Transaction can be done anywhere unlimited

For this services, Customer will be charged IDR 500 per sms received

Costs may change due to bank’s condition.

Term and Condition
  • The user of transactions notification feature is a BTN client of saving account and/or Giro
  • The account owner who utilize transaction notification feature is BTN’s client and required to have a valid mobile phone number and personal email address that can be held accountable by the account holder

How to Register
  • To sign up BTN Transaction Notification can be done through Customer Service at all BTN Branch Offices.
  • Client is reponsible to fill and sign in Electronic Banking Application Form corret;y and show a legal ID card (KTP, SIM,Passport, KIMS) and proof of account ownership

Frequently Ask Question
  1. Q: Where can the Customer register the SMS Notification feature?

    A  : BTN Customers can register SMS Notifications through CS officers at the nearest BTN outlet.

  2. Q: What are the conditions needed to register for SMS Notifications?

    A   : Customers are registered as legitimate account holders at BTN. Customers can be individuals or institutions. The flow of the SMS Notification registration process is as follows:

    1. Fill in the BTN user e-channel registration form. In the form, the customer lists the transaction limit that is detected by the SMS Notification feature and its transaction features (debit and / credit)
    2. The cellphone number registered is the Customer's cellphone number that is registered. If the mobile number registered is different from the HP number at Customer Information File (CIF), then the Customer must update the data through the BTN CS officer.
    3. For institutional customers, the HP number registered in the SMS Notification is the legitimate shareholder listed in the Company Deed (latest amendment) or company employee appointed by the legitimate company shareholder through a company power of attorney.
  3. Q: The Customer has registered the SMS Notification, but still has not received an SMS Notification when conducting debit and / credit transactions.

    A  : Perform the following steps:

    1. Ensure that the debit and / credit transaction limit is in accordance with the requirements with those registered in BTN CS.
    2. Make sure that the Customer's mobile memory is sufficient to receive the incoming SMS.
    3. Contact CS at the nearest BTN outlet or contact the BTN Contact Center if you still have not received an SMS notification.
  4. Q: How do I pay for SMS Notifications?

    A  : The SMS Notification administration fee will be charged according to the fees set by BTN multiplied by the number of SMS Notifications received by the Customer and will be charged at the end of the month by debiting the customer's account.

  5. Q: What accounts can be registered to use the SMS Notification feature?

A : Customers can register for all savings and checking accounts. Not valid for deposits and credit accounts.