USD 15,135.00 0.00
JPY 117.00 0.01
GBP 18,206.00 0.01
AUD 10,354.00 0.01
HKD 2,079.00 0.00
SGD 10,877.00 0.00
EUR 15,579.00 0.01
MYR 3,572.00 0.00
SAR 4,232.00 0.00
CNY 2,355.00 0.00
Currency Purchasing Price Selling Price
  • USD 14,885.00 15,135.00
  • JPY 106.00 117.00
  • GBP 17,705.00 18,206.00
  • AUD 10,082.00 10,354.00
  • HKD 1,747.00 2,079.00
  • SGD 10,492.00 10,877.00
  • EUR 15,228.00 15,579.00
  • MYR 3,212.00 3,572.00
  • SAR 3,765.00 4,232.00
  • CNY 2,118.00 2,355.00
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Kredit Kepemilikan Lahan, Facility to Buy and Owning Subsidize Housing

Complete your property financing with Kredit Kepemilikan Lahan which is designated to help you get subsidized residential land

Kredit UMKM Modal Kerja Pemilikan Lahan

Land Ownership Credit is here as a solution to purchase new land for business expansion that is used to build simple/subsidized houses whose construction uses the BTN Construction Credit facility

Financing s.d. 5 billion

Fast and easy process

Light credit terms

The maximum credit that can be given is 70% of the total cost of purchasing land (AJB) with the allocation of subsidies

Maximum ceiling with KMK Construction of IDR 5 billion

Disbursement up to 100% of the maximum KPL financing PART TAB

Adjustable interest rate

Costs may change due to bank’s condition.

Features and Cost
1 Product Name Kredit UMKM Modal Kerja Kontraktor
2 Product Type Earning Credit
Credit Ceiling
s.d. 5 billion with KMK Construction
5 Term
According to product terms
Administration Fee
0.25% or a minimum of IDR 250 thousand
Provision Fee 0.75% – 1%

 *) Terms and conditions apply

Terms and Conditions
  • Have a productive business in the category of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and have been running for at least 2 (two) years
  • Has a valid business license
  • Do not have non-performing loans with Bank BTN  or with other Banks
  • Completing business legality, project legality and business financial data
  • The business has earned a net profit in the last 1 (one) year
  • Mandatory allotment for simple housing
  • The applicant's Land Ownership Credit must be in the form of a Legal Entity
  • For Business Entity applicants: (business entity applicant)
    • Indonesian legal entity with a minimum age of 21 (twenty one) years old or married
Document Completeness

Applicant Documents

Business Entities

KTP of the applicant and husband/wife, (KK) Family Card and Marriage/Divorce Certificate

Deed of Establishment of the Company up to Last Amendment Deed

Plan for Housing Project Development Budget

NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number)

Business Licensing: SIUP, SIUJK, TDP, SITU or Business Information from Kelurahan/Kecamatan or Market Service if the business is in the market

Project Legality (IMB, Location Permit, Certificate etc)

Business financial records

Financial statements

Savings/giro account showing business transactions

Details of credit allocation

Credit collateral

  • Apply for Kredit Kepemilikan Lahan to the nearest Bank BTN
  • Submit and prepared files
  • Files that have been received will be processed and verified by Bank BTN
  • After passing and approved then the applicant will do the credit agreement
  • Credit Disbursement