USD 14,818.00 0.00
JPY 117.00 0.01
GBP 18,074.00 0.01
AUD 10,607.00 0.00
HKD 2,041.00 0.00
SGD 10,902.00 0.00
EUR 15,247.00 0.01
MYR 3,482.00 0.00
SAR 4,147.00 0.00
CNY 2,295.00 0.00
Currency Purchasing Price Selling Price
  • USD 14,568.00 14,818.00
  • JPY 105.00 117.00
  • GBP 17,567.00 18,074.00
  • AUD 10,321.00 10,607.00
  • HKD 1,709.00 2,041.00
  • SGD 10,518.00 10,902.00
  • EUR 14,896.00 15,247.00
  • MYR 3,123.00 3,482.00
  • SAR 3,678.00 4,147.00
  • CNY 2,058.00 2,295.00
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KPR BTN Mikro Provides an Easy Way for Having a House Gradually

Now the society can full fill their basic need of housing with installment that can be paid in daily, weekly, or monthly installments


Enjoy an ease to purchase land or homes, build houses, or renovate houses product, that prioritize for informal sector community

Payment can be done daily, weekly or monthly

Submissions and payments can be made at BTN Bank outlets, Post Offices, and Smart Agents

Term period until 10 years

Maximum credit until 75 million

Down payment for home purchases start from 1%

Down payment for home purchases start from 1%

  • Interest rate 9.00%

Process fee

Provision fee


Administration fee

IDR 250.000

Interest of annuity calculation

Costs may change due to bank’s condition.

Terms and Conditions
  • Indonesian Citizen Minimum age 21 (twenty one) or married and maximum 65 years old when credit is fully paid
  • The informal community for a minimum of 1 (one) year has been incorporated in associations, associations and cooperatives
  • FC savings accounts last 3 (three) Months
  • Proof of land ownership in the form of SHM/SHGB on land/building to be pledged
  • Having IMB and RAB Building
  • Receive letters of recommendation from associations of associations, associations and cooperatives
  • Having savings in Bank BTN saving average per month amount of installment/mortgage of BTN Micro for minimum 3 (three) Months
Documents Completeness
  • Individual documents completeness








Application Form





FC ID/Identity Card





FC Family Card





FC Marriage Letter/Divorce










FC Current Account or Saving Account last 3 months





Business Certificate from Head of Village / Head of Village or Office of Market from location of business applicant who explain applicant is the business owner.





Letter of Domicile stating the applicant has settled in the area





Letter of Recommendation from the Association





Have a simple record of sales results





  • Guarantee Document Requirement
    • Certificate of land and building
How to Register
  • After saving in BTN for at least 3 Months, submit a request for KPR BTN Mikro
  • Complete all the loan application file of KPR BTN Mikro and submit it to the Officer of Loan Service at the Branch Office
  • If credit approval has been obtained, immediately prepare the credit realization cost on the applicant's savings account
  • Signing of credit agreement and deed of sale and purchase
  • Receive credit disbursement in accordance with the designation
  • Installment payment KPR through saving