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GBP 18,206.00 0.01
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HKD 2,079.00 0.00
SGD 10,877.00 0.00
EUR 15,579.00 0.01
MYR 3,572.00 0.00
SAR 4,232.00 0.00
CNY 2,355.00 0.00
Currency Purchasing Price Selling Price
  • USD 14,885.00 15,135.00
  • JPY 106.00 117.00
  • GBP 17,705.00 18,206.00
  • AUD 10,082.00 10,354.00
  • HKD 1,747.00 2,079.00
  • SGD 10,492.00 10,877.00
  • EUR 15,228.00 15,579.00
  • MYR 3,212.00 3,572.00
  • SAR 3,765.00 4,232.00
  • CNY 2,118.00 2,355.00
BTN Contact Us

BTN Mobile Banking

BTN Mobile Banking functioned as a banking solution in practical secured, and convenient way, just using your gadget, you can easily doing variuos banking services in realtime, anywhere and anytime.

kantor cabang

Able to gather various informations for individual customer

Making it easy to use banking services

Making it easy to do payment and purchases

Making it easy to check balance and transfer fellow Bank BTN and another Bank

Mobile Banking application can be downloaded through Play Store/App Store

Registration and deletion of Mobile Banking can be done through the Bank BTN ATM machine or Contact Center * (in accordance with applicable S&K)

BTN Mobile Banking can be accessed 24 hours/7 days by customers

Terms and Conditions
  • Customers have card-based savings, including Tabungan BTN Batara, e'BATARAPOS, BTN Champion, BTN Simple, TabunganKu
  • Limits* transactions :
    • Transfer between Bank BTN max. IDR 200 million/day, IDR 100 million/transaction 
    • Interbank Transfer max. IDR 100 million/day, IDR 50 million/transaction.

* The transaction limit is effective starting April 22, 2021 and is temporary, which will be returned to its original parameters if the Covid-19 condition has subsided according to government regulations

How to Register
  • Phone number can be registered through Bank BTN Customer Service at Outlet
  • BTN Mobile Banking Application is available on Google Play Store or iOS App Store
  • BTN Mobile Banking can be activated through Mobile Banking Application with registered mobile phone number
Qurban Payment Feature Instructions
  1. Open the BTN Mobile Banking application
  2. Select the "Payment" menu
  3. Select the "Charity" menu
  4. Then specify "Charity Institution" (BAZNAS, ACT, Dompet Dhuafa)
  5. Then select "Type of Payment" (Qurban)
  6. Select Nominal / Nominal Input
  7. Enter your "Mobile Number"
  8. Enter "Name of the Sacrifice Giver"
  9. Select "Send" and enter "PIN"
  10. Transaction Successful
BI Fast

BI-Fast is a retail payment system infrastructure that can facilitate retail payments using various payment instruments and channels that can be done in real time and 24/7. In other words, BI-Fast is an option to transfer funds between banks (outgoing transfers) in real time (24/7), cheap (IDR 2,500), easy and safe. BTN customers can use this BI-Fast method on BTN Mobile Banking and Branch (BDS - Branch Delivery System) channels.

Fund Transfer Using BI-Fast



BI-Fast Proxy Registration Flow

  • Proxy is a feature in BI-FAST to create aliases for customer account numbers using mobile phone numbers or emails.
  • The proxy that can be used on BI-Fast is a mobile number or email registered in the CIF Bank Data.
  • One proxy/alias can only be used for 1 (one) account
     FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    1. Q: What is BI-FAST
      A: BI-Fast is a retail payment system infrastructure that can facilitate retail payments using various payment instruments and channels that can be done in real time and 24/7. In other words, BI-Fast is an option to transfer funds between banks (outgoing transfers) in real time (24/7), cheap (IDR 2,500), easy and safe. BTN customers can use this BI-Fast method on BTN Mobile Banking and Branch (BDS - Branch Delivery System) channels.

    2. Q: Where can I use the BI-Fast transaction service?
      A: BTN Mobile Banking, Teller Service at Outlet

    3. Q: Does the ATM have BI-Fast service available?
      A: Currently BI-Fast service at BTN ATM is not yet available

    4. Q: Which banks can become BI-Fast transfer destinations?
      A: BI-Fast participating banks as of January 2022
      • Bank Mandiri
      • Bank Negara Indonesia
      • Bank Rakyat Indonesia
      • Bank Central Asia
      • Indonesian Islamic Bank
      • State Savings Bank
      • Bank DBS Indonesia
      • Jewelry Bank
      • Bank UOB Indonesia
      • Bank Mega
      • Bank OCBC NISP
      • Bank Danamon Indonesia
      • CIMB Niaga Bank
      • UUS State Savings Bank
      • UUS Permata Bank
      • Bank CIMB Niaga UUS
      • Bank Danamon Indonesia UUS
      • Bank BCA Syariah
      • BankSinarmas
      • Citibank NA
      • Woori Brothers Bank
    5. Q: Minimum Transfer
      A: Rp. 10,000,- (Ten Thousand Rupiah)

    6. Q: How is the BI-Fast service different from the online transfer services available today?
      A: From the customer side, basically some online services (eg internet and mobile banking) have similar characteristics to BI-Fast in terms of accommodating public services in transacting at any time (24/7). BI-Fast is equipped with a proxy address feature so that in order to receive transactions, customers can not use an account number, they only need a mobile number or e-mail address as an alternative account number.

    7. Q: Transaction Limitation?
      A: Rp. 100,000,000,- (One Hundred Million)/ transaction
           Rp. 250,000,000,- (Two Hundred and Fifty Million)/day

    8. Q: Minimum Transfer?
      A: Rp. 10,000,- (Ten Thousand Rupiah)

    9. Q: What accounts can be the BI-Fast destination account?
      A: The BI-Fast destination account is a savings or current account registered with a bank or
      proxies/aliases that have been registered with BI-Fast through BI-Fast participating bank channels

    10. Q: What is BI-Fast Proxy?
      A: BI-Fast proxy is a mobile phone number or email that can be used as an identifier for the purpose of the transaction other than the account number of the receiving customer so that it is easier to remember

    11. Q: Is it okay to use special characters as proxy addresses?
      A: If the proxy address is a mobile phone number, it is not allowed to use
      special characters such as (,@$), but if the proxy address is an email then use
      special characters are allowed according to the terms and availability of the respective email domain

    12. Q: Can customers use the same proxy address for different accounts?
      A: Proxy Address can only be registered for one 1 (one) account number

    13. Q: Can customers register the same proxy address at other BI-Fast participating banks?
      A: Proxy Address can only be registered for 1 (one) bank account number.

    14. Q: Is it possible to register multiple proxies under one account number?
      A: One account number can only register a maximum of 3 proxy addresses (mobile number or email)

    15. Q: What should be ensured when transferring using a proxy?
      A: Things to make sure
      a.    Recipient customers have registered their mobile number or email as BI-Fast Proxy
      b.    The writing of the email address and or mobile phone number must match the one that has been registered by the receiving customer

    16. Q: What should I do if the proxy address I registered is already registered with another participant's bank?
      A: Customers can do:
      a.    Customers can port proxy addresses registered with other banks so that the proxy is no longer active in other banks.
      b.    Customers unregister a proxy at another bank, then register with BTN Mobile Banking

    17. Q: Is there a feature to unregister/delete proxy?
      A: The unregister/delete proxy feature in BTN Mobile Banking is currently under development

    18. Q: What is proxy porting feature?
      A: Porting is a feature to divert a mobile phone number or email that has been registered as a proxy at another bank so that it can be registered as a proxy account at Bank BTN. Automatically proxies previously registered with other banks will be disconnected after porting

    19. Q: Is there a porting feature in BTN Mobile Banking?
      A: The porting feature on BTN Mobile Banking is currently under development.

    QRIS Feature Hint

    QRIS is a standard QR Code from BI that can be used as a means of payment from BTN Mobile Banking and various other payment applications.

    Benefits of Using QRIS Service

    1. Practical
      Customers don't need to bring cash, just use the BTN Mobile Banking application on the customer's cellphone
    2. Secure
      Decreased risk of cash being lost or stolen
    3. Comfortable
      Following the trend of non-cash payments (Cashless)

    How to Transaction Using QRIS from BTN Mobile Banking
    QRIS payments can be made at all merchants that have a QRIS code with the following steps:

    1. Open the BTN Mobile Banking application and select the QRIS icon. (Make sure you have previously provided access your mobile device camera to use QRIS payments)
    2. Scan QRIS and check the name of the merchant
    3. Fill in the payment amount (if required)
    4. Enter PIN
    5. Transaction Successful
    6. Transaction Limits

    7. Transaction Type
      Limit Per Transaction IDR 2.000.000
      Daily Limit According to the limit of BTN Mobile Banking
      Daily Transaction Frequency
    Samsat Digital Nasional Feature Payment Instructions

    What is the Samsat Digital Nasional feature?
    The National Digital Samsat feature is a feature in BTN Mobile Banking for national motor vehicle tax payments.

    Sharia & Terms
    •    Administration Fee Rp. 10,000,-
    •    Register and login in the SIGNAL app
    •    Get Pay Code
    •    Pay using BTN Mobile Banking

    How to Transaction Using the Samsat Digital Nasional Feature

    Pawnshop Product Payment Feature Instructions

    What is Pawnshop feature?

    The Pegadaian feature is a payment feature for Pegadaian products as follows :

    1. Extension
    2. In installments
    3. Redeem
    4. Micro installment payments
    5. Top up gold savings

    How to make a transaction using the Pawnshop

    Description :
    After the payment is successful, updates regarding the pawnshop product can be viewed on the Digital Pegadaian application or at the nearest Pegadaian Branch Office.

    Other Description
    Administration Fee    Rp 2.500,-

    Frequently Ask Question



    1. Q: On the ATM screen "Sorry no you have not registered, immediately go to the nearest BTN office"

      A  : Please visit the CS officer at the nearest BTN outlet to update customer data and register for BTN Mobile Banking services.


    2. Q: SMS Generic Failure - Allow SMS Premium.

      A  : Please make sure in the Settings - Application Manager menu - (look for the "Permission - SMS" setting or click the triple dot in the upper right corner, select "Permission - SMS"). SMS enable settings for BTN Mobile Banking applications and Allow Premium SMS on the Apps Settings-Special Access-Use Premium Text Message Service menu.


    3. Q: Every Login SIM card does not match.

      A  : Please make default settings for text messages and calls to registered SIMs or (if needed) do the physical SIM Card transfer.


    4. Q: SIM card does not match or "SMS Generic Failure"

      A  : Make sure the availability (enable) of Premium SMS pulses on registered SIMs and set the default SMS and calls to registered SIMs if your device supports Dual SIM.


    5. Q: Provis error

      A : Make sure the availability (activate) the Premium SMS pulses on the registered SIM and set the default SMS (text messaging) to the registered SIM if your device supports Dual SIM.


    6. Q: Activation failed

      A  : If your device supports Dual SIM, the device generally has a default SIM as a text message sender, please do the default text message settings and call to a registered SIM or contact the BTN Contact Center service 1500286.


    7. Q : The smartphone root device cannot activate BTN Mobile Banking.

      A  : In order to standardize security in transactions, BTN Mobile Banking currently does not support rooted devices.


    8. Q: My smartphone is not root, but it is indicated as root.

      A  : If the device has been done service or tune up, root activities are sometimes done to improve the performance of the device and offer more services to factory-standard applications. Please restore the device settings as before the root indication and uninstall the application indicated as the root application.



    1. Q: (Failed transaction, debit balance)

      A  : Please immediately contact BTN Contact Center 1500286 if the balance has not been corrected at this time.


    2. Q: Notification "Login Error"

      A  : Please try again for a while, indicating that there is a problem with the provider, but if there are still login problems, re-Install and re-activate the application by deleting the old application first or contacting BTN Contact Center service 1500286.


    3. Q: Notification "Incorrect Password"

      A : Please reactivate the application (incorrect password 3 times will display the activation request) or do re-install the application (if needed).


    4. Q: Check the balance failed or MBB2009 error

      A  : One or more Customer accounts indicated Closed or Dormant, please do service registration then re-register service through ATM or Bank BTN CS officer.


    5. Q: Purchase Axis prepaid pulses

      A  : Axis prepaid purchases can be made through XL prepaid purchases.


    6. Q: Vehicle Tax Payment

      A  : At present BTN Mobile Banking provides payment of the national eSamsat vehicle tax, East Java Samsat and DKI Samsat.


    7. Q: An account that appears not updated, some accounts do not appear.

      A : The new opening account cannot be updated automatically, please register for the service then re-register the service via ATM or Bank BTN CS officer.


    8. Q: Account balance is not appropriate.

      A  : Thank you for utilizing BTN Mobile Banking. The balance listed is the available balance for making transactions. The minimum settling balance is not displayed on the application.


    9. Q: The buttons cannot be clicked

      A  : Uninstall the application, search and download the BTN Mobile Banking application from the latest version of the official Google Playstore and Apple Appstore service.


    10. Q : Transaction history

      A  : Please use the Customer Service menu - Inbox.


    11. Q: Pay taxes cannot get NTPN

      A  : Please contact BTN Contact Center service 1500286 by submitting a Billing Code for payment of taxes and other supporting data (Source Account Number and date of transaction), our Second Layer Operation team will follow up on the NTPN data request in question.


    12. Q: Prepaid PLN Tokens are not obtained, the funds are debited.

      A  : Contact BTN Contact Center service 1500286 by submitting the data number meter or PLN Prepaid Customer ID. The PLN Prepaid token data will be informed by the BTN Contact Center service officer 1500286.


    13. Q: (mToken on iPhone not sent)

      : Thank you for using BTN Mobile Banking. mToken uses the customer's SMS credit balance to transact, providing an SMS balance for the last transaction.


    14. Q: (difficulty logging in on an iPhone smartphone)

    : Please close some of the other applications that are currently open at the moment. If there are still login constraints, restart the power on the role.

    Mobile Banking Customer Education

    Changes in patterns and lifestyles encourage the banking sector to adapt by presenting mobile banking. Through this facility, people do not need to bother when they have to transact. This is because banking activities, such as checking balances & account mutations, transfers as well as purchases and payments, can be done anytime and from anywhere via a smart phone.

    The full article can be accessed on the following page :
    Personal Data Security Awareness