USD 15,210.00 0.01
JPY 117.00
GBP 18,728.00 0.00
AUD 10,163.00 0.00
HKD 1,988.00 0.01
SGD 11,445.00 0.00
EUR 16,448.00 0.00
MYR 3,511.00 0.00
SAR 4,150.00 0.00
CNY 2,211.00 0.00
Currency Purchasing Price Selling Price
  • USD 15,010.00 15,210.00
  • JPY 115.00 117.00
  • GBP 18,477.00 18,728.00
  • AUD 10,027.00 10,163.00
  • HKD 1,862.00 1,988.00
  • SGD 11,293.00 11,445.00
  • EUR 16,229.00 16,448.00
  • MYR 3,365.00 3,511.00
  • SAR 3,897.00 4,150.00
  • CNY 2,182.00 2,211.00
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Payment Procedure for UTBK SBMPTN 2022

Stages of Registration for UTBK SBMPTN 2022
  1. All candidates  register UTBK –SBMPTN using NISN, NPSN, and date of birth on the id/ (login, verify and validate data, select the registration menu).
  2. After registering you will receive a UTBK payment slip.
  3. Make payment on the spot – Bank BTN payment places (Branch Offices, ATMs, and Mobile Banking) the use of payment slips must be made no later than 1 x 24 hours.
  4. Login back on, then select the registration menu and print the UTBK participant card.
  5. Follows UTBK accordingly  with the day, date, session, and location of the UTBK Center  The selected PTN.
Payment Procedures through BTN Branch Offices (tellers)
  1. Complete payment form
  2. Fill in the full name of the KAP, PIN, & Pay Code
  3. After completing the service payment form, make a SBMPTN payment of Rp.200,000,- (scientific exam group or social science exam) or Rp.300,000,- (mixed/scientific and social science exam group) ) on tellers
  4. Teller will validate if transaction is successful
  5. Customer receives validation from teller

Payment via BTN Mobile Banking
  1. Access to the BTN mobile apps (download via Appstore / Playstore)
  2. Enter user ID & password
  3. Select menu transfer & payment, with payment sub menu
  4. Select recipient not in list/new list
  5. Select category of Multi Biller institution
  6. In the multibiller menu, select the destination “UTBK-LTMPT”, then enter the Pay Code + NISN (18 digits number) which is printed in the column “IDPEL/No.MHS” then click “SEND”
  7.  A confirmation page appears in the form of Pay Code, NISN, Name, Date of Birth and Payment Amount. If it is appropriate, enter your Bank BTN Mobile Banking PIN and select “KIRIM”.
  8. If the transaction is successful, a confirmation page will appear with the status of Transaction Successful.

Detailed information about BTN Mobile Banking can visit the page or contact Bank BTN Contact Center 1500286.

Payment via ATM BTN
  1. Insert the BTN ATM card into the BTN ATM machine, select the language of instruction
  2. Enter a 6 (six) digit ATM card PIN
  4. Select menu PAYMENT
  5. On the PAYMENT menu, select the MULTYPAYMENT menu
  6. On the MULTYPAYMENT menu select the MULTIBILLER menu
  7. On the MULTIBILLER menu select biller code : UTBK 2022 : 00001
  8. Enter the Pay Code + NISN (18 digit number) printed on the UTBK fee payment slip
  9. A payment confirmation menu appears, check the proof of payment again (NAME, PAY CODE, NISN, and NOMINAL)
  10. If it is appropriate, select the YES button
  11. Print receipt as proof of payment