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Convenience to Own a Residential For Retired Employees

Variety of options with an extra solution for the convenience of having your dream property, Kredit Ringan BTN aimed to facilitate you to have a dream property with a light installment without collateral

Kring BTN Pensiunan

A loan facility that aimed for retired civil servants, TNI/POLRI, or widows/widowers whose pension benefits are paid through an account at Bank BTN. Utilizing to fulfill the needs of pensions both for consumption and productive needs

Cash up to IDR 300.000.000

Fixed and competitive interest rate

Without collateral

Quick and fast process

Flexible time of period up to 15 years

Life insurance coverage

  • Fixed interest rates over time credit

Costs may change due to bank’s condition.

Terms and Conditions
  • Indonesian Citizen, age max. 75 years when the credit is paid off
  • Have sufficient retirement fund & receive pension through Bank BTN
  • Do not have problem loans
  • Having NPWP (if required)
  • Credit applicants must be retired or widows / widowers of retirees: civil servants, state officials, members of the TNI/POLRI/BUMN/BUMD, Pension Program Participants through Dana
  • Pensiun Lembaga Keuangan (DPLK)
  • Maximum installment/month of 90% from take home pay
Individual Document Completeness
  • Individual Document Completeness
    • Fill out the Credit Application Form
    • Copy of Marriage Letter/Divorce (if married/divorced)
    • Copy of savings account of last 3 (three) months
    • Copy of Tax ID/Annual SPT with applicable provisions
    • Original Statement Letter that the debtor will distribute his pension salary through the Bank, by filling out FPP
    • Original Power of Attorney for SKEP Admission (Pension Decree)
    • Original and Copy of Retirement Identity Card (KARIP) or others that related to
    • Statement Letter that signed by the debtor on stamp duty stating that the debtor will not transfer the pension payment to another Bank until the credit is fully paid


  • Guarantee Documents Requirement
    • SK Pensiun and KARIP
service fee

Process Fee

Provision 1%


Administration fee Rp. 150.000,-


Credit life insurance fee


The calculation of flat interest

How to Register
  • Make a cooperation agreement between Institution and Bank BTN 
  • The Debtor submits the Credit Application Form and document completeness
  • Institution are applying credit to Bank BTN
  • Bank BTN analyze the credit application
  • Credit realization

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