USD 14,950.00 0.00
JPY 108.00 0.01
GBP 18,768.00 0.01
AUD 10,030.00 0.00
HKD 1,958.00 0.00
SGD 11,133.00 0.00
EUR 16,121.00 0.00
MYR 3,294.00 0.00
SAR 4,086.00 0.00
CNY 2,101.00 0.00
Currency Purchasing Price Selling Price
  • USD 14,750.00 14,950.00
  • JPY 106.00 108.00
  • GBP 18,516.00 18,768.00
  • AUD 9,894.00 10,030.00
  • HKD 1,832.00 1,958.00
  • SGD 10,980.00 11,133.00
  • EUR 15,899.00 16,121.00
  • MYR 3,146.00 3,294.00
  • SAR 3,833.00 4,086.00
  • CNY 2,073.00 2,101.00
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BTN Siap Savings for Future Planning

Want to get married or just travelling? Make them come true in every stage of your life with BTN Siap! Saving, which is designed for planning your future and family

Tabungan BTN Siap

Plan everything, your dream job, dream car with Bank BTN we are ready to give you an ease and convenience in every transactions

Insurance coverage on BTN Siap! Savings provided for customers with a saving time period minimum 2 years

Helps to realize customer plans through premium-free insurance bundling. includes: term life, accidental death and tropical disease

Free additional insurance coverage in the form of compensation due to accidents of IDR 10 million per account and tropical disease protection IDR15 million per person

The regular deposit date is the date of opening the account, the funds deposited into the main account then will be transferred by the system to a BTN Siap! Savings Account customer

1 customer can have more than 1 BTN Siap! Account, which Connected to 1 main account (source of funds)

Without a Passbook, customers will get transaction details through e-statement that will be send to customer's email monthly

General Information of BTN Siap Savings Product

Minimum regular monthly deposit

IDR 100.000 and its multiple

Indonesian citizens aged 17 to 64 years (savings time period max age 65 years)

Has a main product of BTN Savings as a monthly fund source


Strata Balance Interest Rate
< IDR 1 million - IDR 10 million
> IDR 10 million - IDR 25 million 1.15%
> IDR 25 million - Rp 50 million 1.25%
> IDR 50 million -  IDR 100 million 1.35%
> IDR 100 million -  IDR 250 million 1.50%
> IDR 250 million 2.00%

Costs may change due to bank’s condition.

Terms and Condition
  • Applicable for personal
  • Individual on behalf of the account opened shall be fully responsible for any obligation arising from such account
  • Require to attach mandatory documents
  • Account is declared active and can be used effectively after it is approved and activated by the Bank according to bank’s terms and condition
Services Fee
  • Administration fee: free
  • Insurance premium fee: free
  • Autodebet failed fee: free
  • Account closing fees before Due or failing to autodebet as much as 3x by 1% of the final balance or at least IDR 100.000
  • Account closing fees: IDR 100.000
Documents Completeness
  • Individual Documents Completeness 
    • Copy of ID
    • Copy of Tax ID
    • Family Card (for heirs verification)
How to Register
  • Customers who already have BTN Savings including: Batara/Payroll/e'BATARAPOS
  • Prepare complete documents and enough money for the first deposit
  • Visit the nearest Bank BTN branch
  • Visit the customer service section to open BTN Siap! savings account
  • Fill out the form and submit all documents that have been prepared
  • Follow all procedures that are directed by customer service
  • BTN Siap! savings account is ready to use