USD 15,070.00 0.00
JPY 117.00 0.02
GBP 18,330.00 0.00
AUD 10,308.00 0.01
HKD 2,070.00
SGD 10,890.00 0.00
EUR 15,768.00 0.00
MYR 3,569.00
SAR 4,216.00 0.00
CNY 2,350.00
Currency Purchasing Price Selling Price
  • USD 14,820.00 15,070.00
  • JPY 105.00 117.00
  • GBP 17,822.00 18,330.00
  • AUD 10,036.00 10,308.00
  • HKD 1,739.00 2,070.00
  • SGD 10,511.00 10,890.00
  • EUR 15,413.00 15,768.00
  • MYR 3,208.00 3,569.00
  • SAR 3,749.00 4,216.00
  • CNY 2,113.00 2,350.00
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Let’s Teach The Youngster Umrah

This program is made to preparing Umrah Worship to the Holy Land for all of students of School that had partenership with BTN Syaria

Program Tabungan BTN Umroh Junior

Beside Umrah Worship to the Holy Land, BTN also provide Fun Manasik with BTN Syariah, which is Hajj Manasik packaged for kids so will be more interesting and fun. This event is held by BTN Syariah and corporated Tour & Travel

Program Duration January 01 2018 – December 31 2018
Type of Program BTN Saving Program Umrah for Junior
Applicable to Customer of Bank BTN Syariah
Terms and Conditions
  • Targeted fund nominal started from IDR20.000.000 and so on
  • Term of time start from 6 months and so on
  • In every month clients still have sharing profit in accordance with the regulation
  • Prizes are merchandises/voucher
  • The value of prizes are nett and will be pay after the targeted fund acomplished
  • 3 years program is prepared for one of the choices programs for Junior and High School students
Benefit Program
  • Give away discounted voucher from BTN Syariah to clients which entered auto debt program for targeted funds dan certain time
  • Joining Program “Fun Manasik with BTN Syariah”, which is an event hajj manasik that packaged for kids so will be more interesting and fun
How to Register
  • Either Shariah or Conventional
  • Contact to BTN’s customer service at Bank outlet
  • Follow all procedures that has been given by the customer service
  • Program ready to follow