USD 15,000.00 0.01
JPY 108.00 0.01
GBP 18,660.00 0.00
AUD 9,911.00 0.01
HKD 1,964.00 0.01
SGD 11,111.00 0.00
EUR 16,058.00 0.01
MYR 3,329.00 0.00
SAR 4,099.00 0.01
CNY 2,114.00 0.01
Currency Purchasing Price Selling Price
  • USD 14,800.00 15,000.00
  • JPY 106.00 108.00
  • GBP 18,405.00 18,660.00
  • AUD 9,775.00 9,911.00
  • HKD 1,838.00 1,964.00
  • SGD 10,959.00 11,111.00
  • EUR 15,837.00 16,058.00
  • MYR 3,181.00 3,329.00
  • SAR 3,846.00 4,099.00
  • CNY 2,086.00 2,114.00
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A Best Friend for All Company Financial Activities

An Ease, Speed and Secured Transactions for company with high transactions mobility

Giro BTN iB

A product of funds deposit for the convinience of your business transactions using the contract “Wadi’ah” (Deposit), which is a deposit from one party to another party both individual or institutional which we will safe guard properly and can be returned at any time if the owner wished it so

Obtain an attractive bonus (according to Bank policy) – Support your business activities both purchasing and revenue.

Rewards can be auto debt for Zakat, Infaq and Shadaqah

Transactions without limit – Limitless Transactions

Obtain an attractive bonus (according to Bank policy)

To get ease in daily transactions for your personal/family/business neccesity

Cash Management System is available to facilitate online transaction – Available Cash management system to facilitate online transaction

General Information



<100 mill



>100 mill s/d 500 mill



>500 mill s/d 1 bill



.1 bill




Initial deposit


Settled Minimum Balance


Institutions & Joint Accounts

Initial deposit


Settled Minimum Balance



Costs may change due to bank’s condition.

Terms and Conditions
  • Account applicable for Indonesian Citizens and Foreign Citizens
  • Not enlisted in recent Bank Indonesia’s blacklist
  • This account are Applicable for both individual client and institution. Both Individual and institution on behalf of the account opened shall be fully responsible for any obligations that -may comes - arising from such account
  • Require to attach mandatory documents- It is mandatory for all applicants to attach the require documents
  • Account is declared active and can be used effectively after it is –it has been - approved and activated by the Bank according to bank’s terms and condition

Service Fee
  • Check/BG check: IDR100.000
  • Bank refference Fee: IDR50.000
  • Administration balance below minimum: IDR25.000
  • Closing fee: IDR50.000

Document Requirements
  • Document Requirements for Personal


Citizen of Indonesia



Student Card, Birth Certificate & Parents Statement Letter as beneficiary owner



Foreigner Citizen



Valid passport & KITAS(Limited Stay Permit) / KITAP (Permanent Stay Permit)



  • Document Requirements for Institutions
    • Authorized Officer ID Card
    • Company Deed of Establishment
    • Tax Payer Identification Number
    • Trade Business License
    • Company Registration Certificate
    • Other business licenses

How to Register
  • Completed the documents and enough money to make ealry deposit - depositing        
  • Visit the nearest Bank BTN Outlet
  • Visit the customer service to open Account Current BTN iB
  • Fill out the form and submit all the documentsthat has been prepared
  • Follow all procedures that has been given by the customer service
  • Account current  BTN iB savings is ready to use